Japanese Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

Green tea extract is one of the beverages – and food really -that provides other great features for of those who utilize it. Used for many generations in China and Asia, it is now liked by the Western world that is stopping to count on chemical medications. One particular of the most popular variation of green tea is the organic and natural matcha green tea. The definition of organic and natural refers to the way the plant was cured. An organic and natural matcha powder  tea has not used any chemical components during its growth. All gemination and care was done using 100% natural products – they way things should be really. A GREAT organic and natural alternative will ensure you enjoy a fully healthy tea free of other components.

This matcha green tea has many benefits including high levels of antioxidants (that help us taking good care of our pores and skin and prevent cancer), capability to increase metabolism, lower blood pressure quickly and regulate the blood glucose levels. It is a fantastic supplements since it produce thermogenesis (burning fat for energy) and is now greatly recommended by nutritionists all over the Globe.

This sort of tea is more expensive than the average green tea because of two factors: the “organic” growth (it has more value as a better alternative), and because it takes more time to be prepared. Grinding the tea requires more time than processing the tea in other way. The result? A delightful and beautiful looking tea that will have a positive impact in your overall health, without adding chemicals and foreign components to your body.

The majority of Japan’s tea is grown much to the west of the disaster area. Shizuoka is the closest major tea producing region and it is also the only one damaged by radiation. Most of the teas tested from Shizuoka showed trace amounts of radiation, but did not exceed the safety specifications set by the govt. A number of have been found to contain radiation in excess of the conditions, but only in the dry leaves. Once rich, the radiation levels are far under the security limits imposed by the government.

If you inclined your tea leaves and don’t consume them straight, you can safely drink tea from Shizuoka prefecture. If you want to be extra careful, stay with tea from Japan’s other major tea growing areas: the Uji region and the Yame, Kumamoto, Miyazaki and Kagoshima prefectures are typical located far to the west of Fukushima and also have shown no races of contamination whatsoever.

If you consume your tea leaves whole or if you use Matcha green tea herb natural powder, which is made from whole leaves, it would make sense to avoid tea from Shizuoka. Thankfully, the best Matcha comes from the Uji and the Yame regions in any case.

Any specialty tea shop or online tea shop will be able to tell you exactly where their teas come from. If you are buying Matcha or otherwise ingest your tea leaves straight or if you are simply worried, avoid tea from Shizuoka and buy from any of the other major tea growing regions instead. Wherever you buy it, enjoy your tea!

Traditionally and widely used in most Japanese ceremonies, matcha is not your typical green tea. It is the highest quality high grade and concentrated powdered green tea available all over the world and made from young nutrient leaves of Camellia sinensis plant. For more info:


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